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There are some very good reasons to resist procrastination and get started when it comes to writing a blog for your small business. (An aside is that you might well be a person who could blog simply for the sake of self-expression, itself a great motivation but is not within the scope of this post.)

Overall, blogging can fulfill a number of marketing-related needs for your business. Accordingly, it is the aim of this post is to flesh out an argument for just why that is the case. Further, I hope to encourage you to get started right away.

1. Connection

From the get-go, when a business owner–whether it is a new or pre-existing business–writes a blog post for their website, this creates an opportunity to connect to others in productive ways.

Let us add to that a smaller set of somebodies: those who are potential clients/customers. (I hasten to add that the argument for why one should already have a website isn’t necessary here, but if you don’t have one yet, read this).

Overall, blogging with the purpose of converting said potential clients into paying clients is just smart marketing. Furthermore, it’s well within the do-ability range for anyone who simply educates themselves on how to proceed and then follows through.

That said, you may be like me and struggle with following through as a general shortcoming. If that is the case, you may want to do some reading on how to follow through despite your difficulties in doing so. In general terms, the cornerstone of marketing is relationships, and your blog is a key to building new, and solidifying current business relationships.

blogs for small business

Have coffee, will blog…

2. Deepening pre-existing relationships

Maybe it goes without saying, but when one writes a blog post, one encourages engagement with new sets of eyes (facilitated by email and by social media shares).

However, you will also be extending the reach of your good or service to but to current clients who will see that: a) you have something to say on issues which interest them and b) are expanding the reach of one’s wheelhouse by doing the background research necessary when posting about topics relevant to your field of expertise.

3. Getting beyond outbound marketing

By any measure, logging is a great method of inbound marketing. If this term is new to you, read about inbound and outbound marketing.

Blogs are an ideal way to get found by people already shopping around in your industry, and who may come across a link to your blog in a social media post, or (even better) in a search engine search.

Furthermore, your competitors are likely already using these techniques. So, why should you be putting yourself at a disadvantage by not using them?

5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Blog

4. SEO

Speaking of search engines, let us look at search engine optimization. Now, if you’re reading this, you likely know this oft-used initialism already.

Basically SEO is the art of being ranked highly in searches. It should be recognized that in certain fields this can be next to impossible. After all, think for example what it would take to rank for “t-shirts,” or “plumbers.”

That said, there is a sub-set of SEO known as local-SEO and ranking for which can be a very realistic objective. Accordingly, a blog post such as “Dental Implants in Colorado Springs” one could very realistically expect, with additional work, to rank for a search like “Colorado Springs implants,” or “dental implants Colorado Springs.”

A lot of the specifics of local SEO involves claiming yourself as a business by claiming your own business on Yelp, Google+ and other platforms. Accordingly, you can learn more in this Moz post.

SEO is a vast topic unto itself. For the sake of brevity, suffice it to say here that blogging creates an opportunity for you to appear in the rankings for searches within your industry.

5. Validating credibility

A blog can very well end up getting shared on social media by a grateful reader. Whenever this happens, it serves the dual purpose of getting your post seen by others (who will also be impressed by your credibility in your subject), and potentially ranking higher SEO-wise insofar as Google likes posts which have many social shares.

Well, if you’re convinced that blogging is for you, go ahead and take the practical steps to begin blogging.

5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Blog
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5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Blog
This post is to detail the rationale behind blogging for a small business.
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